WVU School of Pharmacy Class of 2014 CENTennial Scholarship
The WVU Pharmacy Class of 2014 explains their scholarship initiative.

Developing a Tradition of Philanthropy: The Centennial Class Scholarship Fund

The WVU School of Pharmacy will be celebrating its 100th birthday in the year 2014 and four members of the Centennial Class—the Class of 2014—are banking on their classmates to help them “pay it forward.”

P-3 Sarah Mallow, together with her classmates Cara Milburn, Stephanie Perkins, and Victoria Matthews, are leading the effort to establish the CENTennial Class Scholarship Fund.  “We hope that this program will become a tradition that will be carried on with future classes,” said Mallow. “We know the cost of an education is going to keep rising. This is our way of helping future students and hopefully our class will be remembered as the Class that gave back.” 

To kick things off, each member of the Class of 2014 received and decorated a piggy bank to collect spare change throughout the year.  The Class goal is to reach the minimum endowment level of $25,000 within a five year period and create an endowed scholarship that will be awarded annually to a deserving student. Sarah and her team have invited their classmates, faculty, staff, individuals, corporations, and members of the pharmacy community to help them achieve their goal.

The total amount collected will be announced at the Scholarships and Awards Convocation to be held April 19, 2013. Following graduation, each member of the class will be asked to make a three-year pledge to continue donating to the CENTennial Class Scholarship Fund.

Through this project, students will develop an understanding of the important role private financial support plays at the School as well as an appreciation for how philanthropic endeavors can enrich their own personal lives while ensuring that future student pharmacists have the opportunity to follow their dreams of becoming a pharmacist.

“The CENTennial Class Scholarship Fund is a wonderful project the students started,” Dean Patricia Chase said. “Not only will this Fund represent their Class Gift to the School, but it will also introduce our student pharmacists to the tradition of philanthropy. Even by starting with something small like collecting the change they get throughout the day, our students will be able to make a lasting impact for students in years to come.”

To make a contribution to the CENTennial Class Scholarship Fund, please make checks payable to the WVU Foundation and mail to: WVU Foundation, One Waterfront Place- 7th Floor, PO Box 1650, Morgantown, WV, 26507. Please include “Pharmacy CENTennial Class Scholarship Fund” in the memo line of the check.

For more information about scholarships and other giving opportunities, please contact Joy Piper at 304-293-5212.